Asking for a raise is scary for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’ve done your homework and prepared for the conversation, you can dramatically increase your chances of success. Fresh out of school, Catherine Byers Breet found out over drinks that a coworker was getting paid 25% more than her – for the same job. Ouch! The good news is, she’s learned how to make sure that never happens to her again. Since then, she’s negotiated everything for herself from a 6-week overseas vacation to tripling her salary to working from home.

She’s helped others negotiate everything from more vacation and a company car to a $1M comp. plan. Join her for this fresh & honest look at how to get paid what you’re worth.

You will learn:

  • #1 barrier to success
  • 3 critical factors in every negotiation
  • How to set your price
  • How to get your price
  • How to beat the jitters & act like a pro

You will get:

  • Salary research guide: How to find current market rates
  • Hourly to annual salary converter