Is consulting (contracting, freelancing, self-employment, gig work, independent work) right for you?

No matter what you call it, being your own boss can be a GREAT way to get more money, more freedom and more fun out of work! However, what you don’t know can really hurt you (i.e. taxes, insurance and getting paid). 22-year consulting pro Catherine Byers Breet will help you figure out two critical things:

  1. Is it right for you?
  2. Is now the right time for you to ditch the corporate ladder?

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Learn what it really takes to make it as a consultant. Insider secrets, expert advice and a bucket full of inspiration.

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What you'll learn:

  • The good, the bad & the “Are you KIDDING me?”
  • Six risks you need to know before you go
  • The top three reasons consultants fail


  • How to mitigate your risk
  • Is consulting right for you?
  • Is now the right TIME for you?

What you'll get:

  • Free QUIZ: Is Consulting right for you?
  • Assessment & Checklist