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The average job search takes 21.6 weeks, 280 ONLINE APPLICATIONS & 14 INTERVIEWS.*
UGH! There is a better way! Cat will show you how!​

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*SilkRoad Technology study - 13million applications

🛒Enroll in Get Hired Faster & Easier for only $499

Everything You Need… From A to Z!

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How to videos

Cat recorded short videos for you about every single topic in your job search. She provides inspiration, ideas, how-to, scripts, and action that you need to take.

Daily Emails

You will receive daily emails with insparation and what to to do inside the course. This will help you stay focused and get you closer to that new job.

Weekly Checklists

There are weekly checklists to make sure that you have accomplished everything you needed to for the week and help you stay on track. You need to focus on what is important.

Daily Action Tracker

Activity breeds activity … which breeds success! Track your daily activity to figure out what’s working and what is not. Stay focused on the things you can control.


We will help you think through some of the tuff stuff with guided questions that will let you think about what is important to you.


Finding the words is sometime hard, so how about we tell you what to say so that you can make it your own and never stumble over those questions again.


Numbers takes the emotions out of making hard decisions. That is why we give you scorecards to help you figure out if this is an emotional decision or realistic.


Looking at examples and knowing what other people did can be really helpful. That is why we give you lots of great examples so that you can see what works for you.

What this course will do for you?

The average job search takes 21.6 weeks*, 280 ONLINE APPLICATIONS & 14 INTERVIEWS. **

UGH! There is a better way! Recruiting pro Cat Breet will show you, step by step, how to ... Find the jobs, Jump to the front of the line, Stand out from the herd, & Get the offers... without all the pain and suffering most job seekers go through.

55% faster than most job seekers!

*U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics ** SilkRoad Technology

🛒Enroll in Get Hired Faster & Easier for only $499

We have to start at the beginning and build on it.

If you start wrong you will end up having to go back all the time and fix the issues. This is why we help you from the first step to the last step week by week.

Isolate your Target

Week 1 - Isolate your Target

This will help you get a game plan, isolate your target, and keep your confidence up.


Week 2 - Tell your Best Story

Week 2 - Tell your Best Story

Time to stand out from the herd! You're a great catch. This week, we'll make sure they can see that (at a glance) in your resume, LinkedIn profile and personal introduction. 

Week 3 - Find jobs & Gatekeepers

Week 3 - Jobs & Gatekeepers

Want to get hired in half the time? Talk to people. You'll find more real jobs, be the first to get an interview and - best of all - have the odds stacked MUCH higher in your favor.

WEEK 4 - Interview Success

WEEK 4 - Interview Success

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Week 5 - Money talk

Week 5 - Money talk

This week, I'll take the scary out of asking for what you're worth ... step by step. 

Week 6 - Breakthrough

the barriers.