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Why This is our Signature Course: Catherine Byers Breet brings 22 years on insider secrets, sales, recruiting & consulting industry leadership experience. She knows where the all the bodies are buried, and can’t wait to help you avoid digging them up in your business.


In this online bundle, you will get 4 courses

Being good at what you do is one thing. Getting other people to see how good you are (and to pay for that expertise) is another thing entirely.

How to find your SuperPower
How to become a highly-paid consultant course

This course will give you the tools and inspiration you need to avoid the pitfalls, succeed faster, and earn top dollar as a consultant. Time-tested strategies for success. Easy, inspiring exercises to help them pick their niche, set their rates, find the clients, and build a highly lucrative career as a consultant. MORE MONEY, MORE FREEDOM & MORE FUN

How to test the waters
The Sales & Negotiation Kit for Consultants course

We get it. Selling yourself can be downright scary. It doesn’t have to be. Without a sales kit, you’ll walk into every conversation with the tools and confidence you need to get what you want. The Sales & Negotiation Kit makes it easy! Insider secrets! Scripts! Success stories! Proven strategies for success.​ ​

The Networking Edge Kit for Consultants course
The Networking Edge Kit for Consultants course

Whether reaching out over the phone, email or social media your approach should be the same: focus first on who they are, and what they might want or need from you BEFORE you think about what you can get from them. In other words … why should they help you? What might entice them to want to connect with you?

The Interview to Win Guide for Consultants

Yup! Even consultants have to interview for their next “gig.” The best person for the job (best skills + experience) is rarely the one who gets the job. Nope! It’s the one who is the best-prepared for the interview. We have experience getting people hired into an easy, step-by-step guide. We cover everything interview.

Ready To Sell Yourself

I’ve tested and perfected the following sales and negotiation strategies over the past twenty years... as a recruiter, business development executive, manager, consultant and business owner. I use these tools every single day in my business.I can’t wait to share what I have learned.