How to prep. How to show up. How to follow up.


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Yup! Even consultants have to interview for their next “gig.” The best person for the job (best skills + experience) is rarely the one who gets the job. Nope! It’s the one who is the best-prepared for the interview. We pack over 20 years of experience getting people hired into an easy, step-by-step guide. We cover everything from how to prep to how to show up to how to follow up.


Why it Works: It’s by recruiters & consultants |  It’s proven | It’s step by step | It’s easy & Inspiring

Short (2-3 min) videos | Easy exercises | Examples, Scripts, & Templates | From A to Z


In this online course, you will learn

Sure, your client needs you to solve a business problem ... but it might not be the one they’re openly sharing with you. Savvy consultants know how to dig in deep, uncover the hidden problems and avoid political landmines. Most of the time, it’s the hidden problems that really matter.

How to find your SuperPower
Importance of the Interview

One of my favorite questions to ask people as an interviewer is this one: “Tell me about your proudest career achievement.”

“It’s a little disheartening when a consultant gets paid more than you … but you have to show them how to do their job.” - Brent (full-time employee at one of my client sites)

Lessons: There are 12 reasons companies hire consultants, Client meeting guide, Interview to win guide, & What to expect guide.

How to test the waters
Prepare for any interview

Interviewing can be hair-raising for even the most accomplished candidates. Well, it’s time to set your stage for success. Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you can do to dramatically increase your odds. No matter where you interview, or for what job, there are some fundamental things you can expect from employers.

Lessons: How to prepare for any interview, Interview questions, How to get past the rookie recruiter, How to get past the HR interview, How to prepare for the hiring manager interview, How to nail the hiring manager interview, How to boost your confidence

How to get paid
Take your "A game"

There are two key messages they need to hear at the end of the interview: 1. I can do the job – and do it well 2. I want the job. How to close the deal: Ask final questions and/or deliver a positive statement … to deliver those two key messages. Remember to say thank you! “Thank you very much for your time today. Based upon what we’ve talked about, I am very interested in learning more.

Lessons: How to close the deal, How to follow up, Same-day email, Don't hear back, Reasons companies stop talking to you.

Are You Ready For an Interview

The first (and most important) thing is to boost your confidence. The best (and fastest) way to do that is to answer this question: “Tell me about one of your proudest career achievements. You know … one of those days when you drove home giggling, you were so proud of yourself.”