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The "gig economy"" is here to stay (over 30% of Americans are working flexible jobs). Working as a freelancer or consultant can be a great way to get more money, more freedom and more fun out of work. However, what you don't know can hurt you. This course will give you the tools and inspiration you need to avoid the pitfalls, succeed faster and earn top dollar as a consultant.

Why it Works: It’s by recruiters & consultants |  It’s proven | It’s step by step | It’s easy & Inspiring

Short (2-3 min) videos | Easy exercises | Examples, Scripts, & Templates | From A to Z


"After 9 years of navigating various stages of my consulting practice, Catherine has been instrumental by providing her deep insights and a sounding board that has helped me with ongoing clarity. With Catherine’s advice on a recent coaching call, I negotiated my highest rate ever. I also got help working through a tricky political situation on my project. I’m enjoying the coaching circles so much, I tune in every week that I can."

Julian C. Johnson A-CSM, CSM, PMP
Founder and President of Unified Solutions Inc.


In this online course, you will learn

Time-tested strategies for success. Easy, inspiring exercises to help them pick their niche, set their rates, find the clients and build a highly lucrative career as a consultant.

How to find your SuperPower
How to find your SuperPower

The riches really are in the niches! You are something special. There is no one else on this planet with the same mix of skills & experience. The trouble is, at first blush you probably look like everyone else in your market … unless you take some time to figure out what makes you a stand out.

Lessons: How to pick a winner, Identify your natural talents, Get clues from your past, Define the dream, Name your superpower, Identify your key services, & Name your niche

How to test the waters
How to test the waters

Focus on doing work in your niche (instead of driving for Uber), because your side gigs will build a bridge to becoming a consultant full-time.

Lessons: Side gigs vs. contract vs. consulting, 3 ways to get paid W2 vs. 1099, Which way is right for you priority scorecard, Checklist - Are you ready to be a consultant, Market research - Validate the need, Start small How to pick up side gig, Start easy How to work with staffing firms, & Go big How to start your own consulting biz

How to get paid
How to get paid

“Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” - Zig Ziglar

The more experienced you are, and the more client testimonials / references you have, the more you can charge

Lessons: Pricing what drives fair market value, How to calculate your hourly rate, Business expenses, How to set your price, How to get your price, How to set up your business, Contracts, Taxes, & Collections

How to find the clients
How to find the clients

“Your Brand is what they say about you when you not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder & CEO)

Lessons: Get your head in the game, Sales vs. marketing, Get clear Who do you want to help, Get focused Target Marketing Plan, Write a resume that works, Online marketing and branding, Case studies, See whos hiring with ticklers, Identify good referral partners, Set some marketing goals, Set some sales goals, Ranks your contacts A B C, Consistent contact is the key, & Go be great

How to go get that job
How to become #1 in your market

If you want to be a market leader, you need to stay ahead of the change. You don’t have to be at the tip of the spear, but you certainly need to be an early adopter & tester of new things. You need to keep your certifications and education going. Really.

Lessons: Do good work, Stay competitive, Be a hungry learner, Define market leader, Set some goals, Clean up your online brand, Identify market influencers, Be a joiner, Get connected, Get visible, Get in the game, & Get published

How to scale your business
How to scale your business

Scaling a business definitely refers to strategically growing your business … but it doesn’t always mean hiring a ton of people and growing in the traditional sense of the word. There are many ways to scale a business.

Lessons: The 6 Steps, Get the timing right, Get a healthy core, Automate everything, Boost your sales and marketing, Outsource non essentials, Cherry pick the work you love, Bottle your best practices, Sell your tools online, Hire right the first time, & Hire other consultants

"Hi Catherine. I negotiated 3x my equivalent salary for my first client. :-) Before I took your course I was working on contract at 1x my equivalent pay. Thanks for all the positive encouragement."

Terri Erickson
Strategic Improvement Adviser | Lean Design and Construction Coach | Kata Consulting

Ready To Ditch The Corporate Ladder?

Join me in this course and get all the answers, inspiration, and step by step instruction you need to finally start building your own ladder. I will share the insider secrets you need to know + the easiest path to living a life of freedom, fun & flexibility! Together we will build the path for you to do what you love for a living … and make good money, too.


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"12 years ago, I turned to ARBEZ for help when I became an independent consultant. They gave me critical guidance on issues that arise as a consultant (like billing rates, insurance, etc.) that I continue to use many years later. With their help, the first project I landed was an incredibly interesting three-year international strategic banking project, and it’s gotten better from there. ARBEZ remains my “go to” resource because of their deep inside knowledge of the consulting business."

Stephen Swenson
SVP / Chief Information Officer