Tools and Strategies to SEO your personal brand with Luke Doubler

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

People are looking you up online. Do you like what they are finding? Join me and Luke Doubler live to find out how to create a reputation online that would make your Mama proud!

With a little work, a few innovative tools, and a simple strategy, you can create a personal digital brand that makes you stand out among your peers, get you better access to recruiters like Luke and his team, better job opportunities, a greater professional network, and more influence.

Special guest Luke Doubler, owner of RecruiterCentral, will dive into best practices in personal digital branding and the vital importance of staying relevant in an ever-changing, hyper evolving business climate. You will learn:

- Tools and Strategies to make your personal brand stand out
- How to evolve your professional skillset
- How to stay on top of trends
- How to know your professional development is staying on course with industry trends

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About Luke Doubler
Recruiting Innovator, Blogger, and Business Leader

Luke Doubler is an innovator in talent sourcing. He has trained 1000s of corporate and agency recruiters to be the best at what they do: source talent to achieve a purpose. His listen first, transformational leadership style and commitment to peer development is unique in the recruiting industry.

About Cat Breet
Chief Stripe Changer | Speaker | Author | Media guest | Recovering Recruiter | Consulting & Gig Economy Adviser

Catherine has been hiring, launching, and managing top-rated pros since 1997. She has worked in recruiting, sales, and leadership positions for global and national firms – driving millions in sales and maximizing profits. She has worked with executives in the advertising, agriculture, CPG, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, medical device, retail, and technology industries.

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