Tips & tricks to stop the hair-pulling w/ Kit Welchlin.

stress Sep 15, 2020

 Tips & tricks to stop the hair-pulling w/ Kit Welchlin.

Does swearing really help? Kit Welchlin has the answer! Kit has been delivering proven strategies for stress management for over 20 years. Boy, do we all need his help today! He’s coming on to Cat Breet’s show (the New World of Work) to answer your most pressing questions. He’ll also share the 3 stages of stress, how to know when you’re flooded and what to do about (He’s got 30 easy tricks you can use to take the beast. Take your pick!)

Stress Sucks. It sucks your time, it sucks your energy and it sucks your productivity. The great news is, STRESS IS MANAGEABLE. Join Kit and Cat to learn how to manage it right now.

About Kit Welchlin, M.A., CSP
Award Winning Motivational Speaker & Seminar Leader | Author

I weave my special blend of practical strategies with a light-hearted sense of humor that enhances the listeners’ personal and professional lives. Because my goal is for each presentation to feel like a personal experience for the audience, I customize content for every presentation and share proven methods and techniques that are truly relevant.

About Cat Breet
Chief Stripe Changer | Speaker | Author | Media guest | Recovering Recruiter | Consulting & Gig Economy Adviser

Catherine has been hiring, launching, and managing top-rated pros since 1997. She has worked in recruiting, sales, and leadership positions for global and national firms – driving millions in sales and maximizing profits. She has worked with executives in the advertising, agriculture, CPG, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, medical device, retail, and technology industries.

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