The Next Small Step: From desperate single mom on welfare to top leader & homeowner.

job search steps Dec 10, 2020

Talk about lighting a fire! Once a desperate single mom of 5 boys living on welfare, with no career and very little work experience, Shelley Underwood is now working in her dream job … and just bought her first house! 2020 has thrust many people into desperation places, so Shelley decide to share some hope and inspiration to them by sharing her story. She posted 121 words and a picture of her new home on LinkedIn. 7 days later, her story had inspired 340,044 likes and 18,595 comments. Many of them are pleading with her for answers and insights about HOW she turned her life around, against such INCREDIBLE odds. On 12/10, she’s coming on Cat Breet’s new World of Work to share the 5 things that made all the difference for her. Join us! And let Shelley light YOUR fire about how to achieve your biggest dreams … just one small step at a time.