The gig economy is not for you… deserve to know the truth.

consulting Oct 08, 2020

When you’re making good money & doing work you love, being your own boss is absolutely spectacular. I know, because I’ve been doing it for over 5,000 days….14 years. :)

BUT…sometimes the economy crashes overnight and your income drops to ZERO? 📉

Now, this is a different story that deserves an honest look and chat.

Join me in a chat about what it really takes to make it in the “gig economy” as a freelancer, contractor, independent.

The two burning questions we’ll answer are:
1. Do YOU have the stomach & chops for it?
2. Are YOU ready right now (or should you do a few things to mitigate the risks first)?

If you can’t stay long, drop your questions in the chat before, during, or after I go live.

– Cat

P.S. Everyone who attends will get our free quiz + assessment…this is the secret sauce you hear the other zebras talk about. 🦓