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career mentor protégé Jun 18, 2020

Protégé Power: Accelerate your career & avoid the potholes today with Lori Crever!

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At the tender age of 24, Cat Breet got caught hiding from an Executive VP. She was in way over her head, but far too proud and scared to ask ANYONE for help. If only she had Lori Crever by her side, things would have been SO much easier! Lucky for you, you can get Lori on your side starting today. She’s coming on Cat’s New World of Work show to talk about how to find and work with a mentor. Insider secrets, the shortest path to your success … it can all be yours! Pssst! Mentors aren’t just for young bucks! Tune in to learn how a great mentor can help at every stage of your career.

About Lori Crever
Strategic Partnerships | Intercultural Competence Edge

Lori Crever worked for two decades in a Fortune 50 company developing and managing international communications, employee engagement, diversity, and social responsibility programming. She oversaw a mentor program that helped over 440 global professionals advance their careers; she later coauthored and facilitated a workshop covering mentoring know-how that reached hundreds of staff in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. Her methods have proven effective for mentors and mentees alike, and the application of her discoveries has resulted in substantial surges in many careers.

About Cat Breet
Chief Stripe Changer | Speaker | Author | Media guest | Recovering Recruiter | Consulting & Gig Economy Adviser

Catherine has been hiring, launching, and managing top-rated pros since 1997. She has worked in recruiting, sales, and leadership positions for global and national firms – driving millions in sales and maximizing profits. She has worked with executives in the advertising, agriculture, CPG, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, medical device, retail, and technology industries.

About The New World of Work
More money, more freedom, more fun!
LIVE Tuesday & Thursday, Youtube, Facebook, or Linkedin
9:00am ET | 8:00am CT | 7:00am MT | 6:00am PT

Gone are the days of the 30-year career and the gold retirement watch. People are changing jobs every 4.1 years (BLS), and over 30% are self-employed (Pew Research Center). At first blush, that might sound scary … but Catherine Byers Breet sees something else: incredible opportunity. She’s spent the past 22 years helping people take advantage of today’s technology and choices to get more money, freedom & fun out of work. She can’t wait to help you do the same! Tune in to her live stream to learn how.



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