MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS: How to create your own portfolio career.

job search Dec 15, 2020

Real talk w/ Whitnie Wiley on Cat Breet’s New World of Work show about why she loves having multiple paychecks, how she built her business & some of the biggest challenges she has faced along the way. In the comments ... let's chat! Do YOU have multiple streams of income? Let's chat! What do you love about it? What have been some of YOUR hardest challenges along the way? Lawyer-turned speaker, author & coach Whitnie is living her dreams, and loving her work … as an author, coach, consultant, speaker, and realtor. She has 6 different income streams, 4 podcasts, 4 best-selling books & another expected this year + 3 more in 2021. On top of that, she is a realtor and provides occasional legal advice when a project piques her interest. Whitnie is a master in leadership, time management, collaboration, and picking your habits carefully.