I've had 3 rotten bosses in my career.

I quit two of them ... and stayed to show the other one that I would be wildly successful despite her. :) I share those stories in many situations ... but never in the middle of a first conversation with a potential client (interview situation). If it comes up, I tell the short, sweet abbreviated edition of why the job wasn't a great fit for me ... and how excited I was to jump to my next opportunity (which was a much better fit because of A, B and C ... which by the way tie in very nicely with what the person sitting in front of me. You see, interviewing is alot like dating. On a first date, you need to put your best foot forward. That means saving the story about old Aunt Nick for a day when you know each other better. Watch this video to hear more about why being negative about anything in a job interview is a slippery slope.

Catherine Byers Breet
Mon, 12/02/2019 - 07:00