Intellectual Property Basics For Startup & Small Businesses with Duncan Byers

intellectual property small business May 21, 2020

Are you taking your products & services online for the first time? Starting a new business? Don’t miss the chance to learn how to protect your business from the start.

Duncan Byers has been a practicing attorney for just shy of two decades, advising companies and individuals on a broad range of intellectual property issues. He’s got answers to your questions about the basics, which are especially important to ask in this time when a lot of you are thinking about, or have already started, your own business.

Tune in to learn:

• WHAT? Most business owners have no idea how important it is to start branding and brand protection at the beginning (because they are so focused on building a business and making money). How disheartening to lose it all months or even years down the road because of copyright or other infringement!
• HOW? It’s all about planning and protection: understand what you have in terms of protectable IP, how to plan your marketplace presence, and how to avoid stepping on the rights of someone else.
• STEPS YOU CAN TAKE: Duncan will share the steps you can take to help you and your product stand out in the marketplace, protect what you are creating, and avoid a Fortune 500 company objecting to your branding (because that’s a lawsuit you do NOT want to face).
Full disclosure: Duncan is Cat’s brother. Who do you think is older and wiser?

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About Duncan Byers

Duncan Byers is a firm partner focusing his practice in all aspects of intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright) and complex civil litigation.

Duncan consults and litigates intellectual property and other complex matters for businesses and individuals in state and federal courts and in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He also handles state and federal appeals.