HR Bullcrap: You want ME to work for YOU? Lolololol! 🤣

job hunt Nov 19, 2020

Stupid interview questions … and how to handle them. JOIN US for a get-real look at what’s wrong with hiring today … and how you can make it better. This show will be great for business & HR leaders, and the job seekers who THINK they want to work with them, but are running scared.

76% of HR professionals find it hard to fill their open positions, yet they continue to let cowboy managers and rogue recruiters treat their precious candidates like dirt. After many successful years as a global HR and business pro, Diane Kaufman decides to call BS on her industry and call business and HR leaders out on their bad behavior. After launching her own biz and book HR Bullcrap, she is taking the industry by storm … revolutionizing the way companies attract and retain top talent. Her get-real approach to HR is driving double-digit growth and industry-leading profitability. On 11/19, Diane is dropping by Cat Breet’s live show to talk about how stupid interview questions are killing your chances of hiring top talent to achieve your goals. Join them for a fresh, fun look at why companies are REALLY having trouble filling their open jobs, and how top-notch job seekers can handle those crazy interview questions.