How’d you get that job so fast? with MJ Sherman

job hunt Nov 12, 2020


Just 4 weeks from application to “I quit!” … in the middle of this Pandemic? Yup! That’s what MJ Sherman did. She’s dropping by the New World of Work with Cat Breet on 11/12 to talk about

• Why NOW? Why’d she leave a good, stable job for the great unknown
• How’d she get the new job so fast?
• What were her biggest fears?
• Who ELSE was afraid (naysayers in her life)?
• How she broke through the fears & noise to find an exciting new job

About MJ Sherman, M.S. (she/her)
Training and Development Specialist at C&S Wholesale Grocers

Critical-thinker devoted to problem-solving and a continuous desire to learn. Exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Industry proficiency includes the translation of theory-based research into easily digestible information; the ability to engage, influence, and garner trust by maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.