How to survive the Shi*show with Nancy O’Brien

career survive Nov 17, 2020

You’re not crazy: that burnout you’re feeling is REAL. Do you feel like you’re holding it all together with a paperclip? Worried that one more thing will send you over the edge? This is the show for you. Nancy O’Brien, the co-founder of Experience Happiness, is dropping by my show to share a simple, evidence-based wellbeing & performance solution called The Happiness Practice that will help you get centered, simmer down the burnout, and improve your happiness and wellbeing on a daily basis. Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too … until I took their happiness and burnout assessment and talked through it with her. She’s got the ticket to help us not just survive the shi*show, but to thrive at work and home in the midst of it all. Tune in to learn how to spot the burnout and what to do about it.

About our guest – Nancy O’Brien:
Nancy O’Brien has spent her career improving business outcomes - globally - for some of the biggest brands on the planet (like IBM and Carlson Companies). In 2008, she and her friend and business partner Linda Saggau began helping them hold on to their top performers by teaching them how to reduce the stress/burnout, increase happiness, and build a sustainable daily practice. Co-founder of Experience Happiness, The Happiness Practice assessment, and programs are helping companies optimize their most important assets – their people