How to Make Networking Work for You in 8 Proven Steps with Catherine Byers Breet

networking May 12, 2020

Has networking been a waste of your time? Well, I have some tough news for you: You’re doing it wrong. You’re probably talking to the wrong people. You might be saying the wrong things. You might be asking for too much too soon … or you might be asking for too little. The great news, we can turn all that around with my high-impact networking planner! Tune in today as I walk you through my 8 steps to networking success … then give you my High-Impact Networking Planner … for free!

I know my saying “you’re doing it wrong” is tough pill to swallow. 22 years ago, I was in your shoes. I was about to get fired from my first recruiting job because I was TERRIBLE at cold-calling. My boss looked at me one day and said “You’re terrible on the phones, and you’re out of time. The only way you’re gonna make it as a recruiter is if you figure out how to meet people and get referrals to new clients and candidates. Get out of the office and start talking to people.” She was right … but she didn’t tell me how to do it. So, I made a ton of mistakes. I embarrassed myself. A ton of time. I shook a bunch of hands that never got me anywhere. But I didn’t give up. I acknowledged that I needed help, and I asked for it. I read every book I could on building relationships and sales. I took training. I asked successful people for advice. I tried new things. When they didn’t work, I tried other things.

22 years later, I am really good at networking. I’ve built my 14-year business almost exclusively by referral. Since 2009, I’ve trained over 70,000 people how to network effectively. Today, I can’t wait to teach YOU how to get what you want out of your networking efforts. Networking doesn’t have to hurt! It can be fun AND incredibly effective. All you need is a game plan.

P.S. If you’re looking for your next client or your next job, I’ve got some GREAT news:

• 40% Boost - Getting referred in to your next client gives you a 40% chance of getting the business or job (JobVite)
• 55% Faster hiring process for new clients or a new job (JobVite 5-year study)
• 92% Boost - Getting referred in to the Director level or above gives you a 92% chance of getting the business or job! (iCIMS)

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