Why contract and freelance jobs will be the first to recover With Catherine Byers Breet

consulting contract freelance May 06, 2020

Why contract and freelance jobs will be the first to recover

With Catherine Byers Breet - Consultant recruiter, sales dude & coach since 1997

I’ve never seen a healthcare crisis like this before, but I HAVE seen the job market blow up over night before. 5 times. After 22 years in the consulting + recruiting industries, I’ve been through 5 tough economic markets (big jump in unemployment, skittish employers, fewer jobs). Here’s what I can tell you: as the shut down orders ease and jobs start to come back, the majority of the new job openings will not be full-time positions. They will be temporary / contract jobs for freelancers, contractors and consultants. Why? That’s what today’s live stream is all about. I will share insights & tips on a lot of things:

Why companies are afraid to make full-time hires right now

The biggest reasons companies love hiring consultants

Where the money comes from for contractors (it’s not the normal “headcount” bucket)

The pros: why you should consider taking project work

The cons: Risks you need to understand before you take that freelance job

How to protect yourself (healthcare, life insurance, business insurance)

W2 versus 1099

What questions to ask during the interviewing process

How to launch for success

What is different about working as a contractor versus a full-time employee

How to make sure you’re successful as a contractor

What hiring managers want you to do

How being a contractor / consultant is different from being a full-time employee

Biggest mistakes you need to avoid

How to learn what your target market wants from you

How to learn what will be new & different in your industry

How to find the jobs (recruiters & contractors are a great place to start)

Why you need recruiters and sales people in your network

How to keep track of all the places you apply

How to use my free download to get the job & be successful on the job

Plus: I’ll give you my FREE download: 12 reasons companies use consultants

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