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Catherine Byers Breet

Job Search & Career Coaching

Speaker | Author | Recovering Recruiter

Igniting audiences around the world since 2008

Catherine cut her teeth as a high-tech recruiter in 1997, and has been helping people find more success & fun at work since then. She's on a mission to help 1 million people love what they do for a loving. Let her help you!

Catherine is a highly-sought global speaker with loads of proven success in job search and career coaching. From global high-tech firms in South Africa to packed auditoriums in Minneapolis, her message is the same: You CAN love what you do for a living … but it won’t just land in your lap.

No matter the topic, you can count on Catherine to deliver the good, the bad and the “Are you kiddin’ me?!” with shocking honesty … and a healthy dose of fun. more ...

Job Search

Everything you need to find the perfect job! We'll show you how to get it ... all the way.

How many times in life have you jumped into something head first ... only to kick yourself later and say "Why didn't I think about this before I started?" or " Why didn't I make a plan?" Job hunting is no different. In fact, most job seekers waste months and months looking in all the wrong places, and making tons of mistakes ... not because they're stupid, but because they don't know what they don't know. Let us help you in your job search by using our toolkit with all the answers to your questions. more ...

Stand out from the herd.

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Love what you do for a living!

Get hired faster & easier | Accelerate your career | Get inspired!
Get your Total Access Pass and take control of your job search & career!


Taking care of our careers are not something that we normally instinctively do or think of because it normally just happens.

We go to school, we think we want to be or do something and go to college and study. We leave college with the notion that we are just going to get a job and start our careers. We need money and we don't get the job we hoped for but start working to make money. Then we expect our employer to help us design a career path. Guess what they plan that for themselves, the company, not for you. You even help them do this.

Is this how it happended for you? Is this your career? Is this the path that you are one? Our Career Advise are designed to help you determine the best plan of action today and for the rest of your working career. Everybody has to have a plan to know where to go otherwise you endup going nowhere very fast. So let us help you take control of your career, nobody else will. You have to take charge and take action. Do it now! Start! more ...


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Time & distance are no longer barriers to high-octane, interactive learning and fun. Our webinars live or on-demand unite people all over the world ... from the comfort of their own offices, homes and coffee shops. While this list is far from everything we've got, it will give you a sense of what is possible. From the first job to the last job, your entire career, chances are good we've got the insight, inspiration and tools you need to succeed - every step of the way. more ...