Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine started her career working as a youth counselor for troubled teens, and her passion for helping people has never waned. In 1997, Catherine unwittingly landed in the recruiting industry and has never looked back. As Director of Recruiting, she orchestrated the turnaround of the recruiting organization and developed the #1 team in the country (team of twelve). Her team produced the following results: reduced turnover from 46% to 20%, increased acceptance of job offers to 89% and reduced overall recruiting costs.

Early on, Catherine became hooked on helping people make the right career moves, and helping companies hire the right employees. Her passion became an obsession on the day her manager told her “We are not the red cross. Stop helping people we can’t place.” Thus began her toolkit of cheat sheets and tips and tricks … so she could push information and inspiration out to people to help them in their job searches. This online job hunt community is the culmination of that obsession, and a consolidation of her best practices.

Chasing her own dreams, Catherine founded Arbez, Inc. in 2006. With a healthy balance of industry best practices and real-world, innovative approaches to finding and getting a great new job, she will help you get it right the first time – and the next time.

Professionally, Catherine knows what it takes to get hired. She is a professional recruiter, sales person, business owner and writer. Personally, she knows what it takes to go through a difficult job hunt. She believes that everyone deserves to be in a job they love, and this site is committed to helping people do just that.

Catherine lives near Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN with her husband Stefan and two sons, At and Kobus.